Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal prevents hair from growing by targeting the follicles. As the laser beam penetrates through each hair strand, it heats it up and diminishes it effectively. As a result of its cutting-edge design, this device is designed to treat the area gently without harming the surrounding tissues. Lasers detect the hair pigment, so the procedure is effective for patients with darker hair strands. After the laser treatment, there is no downtime, and the procedure takes 15-20 minutes. A minimum of six sessions is recommended for optimal results. 
A laser hair removal procedure can be performed on:
●     The face
●     Armpits
●     Back
●     Shoulders
●     Legs 
●     Bikini line
Advantages of Laser Hair Removal include:
  • Temporary or permanent hair removal
  • Reduces the risk of ingrown hairs
  • Softens the skin
  • Produces no scarring
  • Quick
  • Less Painful Than Other Hair Removal Methods
  • It’s Precise
  • Saves You From Having to Endure Regrowth
  • It’s a Long-Term Solution


During the procedure, a handheld laser will be used to target the targeted area. When the laser is activated, the heat penetrates the deepest layers and destroys hair follicles. Goggles will also be worn to protect your eyes. For minimal discomfort, a cooling gel may be applied. We recommend wearing sunscreen since your skin will be more sensitive to sunlight. For at least a week, wear an SPF 30 moisturizer and avoid going out during the day. 

Within a week of treatment, you’ll see the visible hair dissolve. You will see results within about twenty weeks if you have six monthly sessions.

Since the advanced laser destroys the hair follicles and prevents new hair growth, the results are permanent. If regrowth occurs, additional treatments may be required.

It is possible to experience skin irritation, discomfort, redness, and swelling. Within a few hours, these symptoms will disappear.

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