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What’s All The Buzz About Vitamin B12 Shots?

What's All The Buzz About Vitamin B12 Shots

Vitamin drips like b12 shot therapy are no longer just for people in the hospital. This treatment has become a popular way for people who care about their health to get the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and even medicines they need to feel better and keep their bodies working well.

Today, Allen Medical Aesthetics will help you understand how vitamin B12 shots become so popular. Discover why most people consider having this more than other shots. Check out this post. 

All About B12 Shots

When you get a vitamin infusion, nutrients go straight into your bloodstream. This keeps the vitamins from going through your digestive system, which lowers the number of vitamins your body can take in. 

With drip hydration, nutrients are available immediately, so your body can take in everything it needs and send the rest to your kidneys to be flushed out. This can help with a wide range of health and wellness issues, including but not limited to the following:

  • Getting people to lose weight faster
  • Getting rid of hangovers
  • Treating a lack of certain nutrients
  • Getting rid of toxins and free radicals in your body
  • Getting more out of your energy
  • improving the health of the heart and blood vessels
  • reducing anxiety and helping people relax

Also, our bodies are made up of vitamins and minerals. If we don’t get enough of the right vitamins, our bodies might stop working right. This could make you gain weight, feel sad, get sick, feel tired, or cause other problems. 

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that helps the brain work, makes red blood cells, and more.

What Do B12 Shots Do?

Vitamin B12 injections also called cobalamin, are essential for many things your body does. Its main job is to help cells form and work the way they should. Again, it also allows neurons and cells to grow in the brain, which is essential for brain function. 

It is needed for making red blood cells and for making DNA. One of the eight B vitamins, vitamin B12, is essential for keeping cells healthy.

Benefits of B12 Shots

B12 Shots are so popular because they can help your body work better and improve your health. But it’s also essential to do everything possible to get the most out of your injection. Here’s what B12 Shots can offer for you to have a clue. 

Speeds up Your Metabolism

Your metabolism needs vitamin B12 to work well. Metabolism is the set of chemical reactions that keep your cells alive. You can tell how fast your metabolism is by how fast you burn the food you eat. 

When these reactions happen more slowly, your body works less quickly. This can make you gain weight and feel tired. With a healthy level of B12, you can speed up your metabolism and make it work better.

Prevents Anemia

Vitamin B12 is also essential for making new red blood cells. All your other cells get oxygen and nutrients from the red blood cells. If you don’t have enough red blood cells, you can get anemia, which makes your body tired. 

It could also make you feel faint or dizzy. Vitamin B12 can prevent anemia by ensuring your body produces enough red blood cells, giving you more energy. Getting more vitamin B12 will also help your red blood cells grow and work as they should. 

Good For The Brain

Your brain needs a lot of different vitamins and minerals to stay healthy. Vitamin B12 is essential for brain health because it plays a role in making and breaking down cells. The nerve fiber sheaths that protect neurons and speed up brain processes are made and repaired by your neurons with the help of vitamin B12.

The stronger your myelin sheaths, the faster your neurons fire, which means you can think, remember and recall more quickly. Lack of vitamin B12 has been linked to memory loss in older people.

Why It’s Important

Vitamin B12 is also an essential part of the metabolism. Your metabolism can affect your weight, your hunger, and how much energy you have. B12 is necessary for women who are pregnant or who are nursing their babies. 

If you don’t get enough vitamins, you might feel tired, forget things, and even be more likely to get heart disease. Having the right amount of vitamin B12 makes you feel better and healthier. 

Treatments at Allen Medical Aesthetics 

Here at Allen Medical Aesthetics, we offer treatments that can help you. In general, Vitamins from IV therapy are a great source that everyone can use. Our Inner Beauty IV therapy is a best seller, whether you want a quick boost of energy from B vitamins or a little extra water to keep your hair, skin, and nails growing and shining.

Still, one of the best things you can do for your body is to get IV therapy. It gives you energy, helps your immune system, and makes you feel better. Even staying hydrated is very good for you, and the nutrients going straight into your bloodstream are even better.

Here’s what we can offer:

Inner Beauty IV Drip

This IV Drip is made to help bring out your natural glow and radiance. It contains high-quality ingredients that strengthen hair, skin, and nails, reduce wrinkles, and hydrate skin from the inside out.

IV drip of glutathione

The powerful antioxidant goes straight into your bloodstream when you get an IV glutathione infusion. It doesn’t go through your digestive system, where it might not be absorbed well. How nutrients are absorbed will depend on each patient’s body chemistry, age, and health.

Drip Brainstorm IV

Folic acid, B12, L-taurine, and alpha-lipoic acid are all in the Brainstorm IV kit, which may help improve brain function, memory, and learning.


Our B12 shot has a lot of cyanocobalamin, which raises the B12 level quickly. Since injections dissolve in water, your body can store them and use them when needed. 

When you get a B12 shot, it goes right into your bloodstream. You get a direct dose of the vitamin without going through the stomach, where some nutrients may be lost. If you don’t have enough B12, you might feel better after getting a shot.


The LipoMIC injection is a Lipotropic Methionine Inositol Choline (MIC) injection. It contains a lot of compounds that burn fat, which makes it a great way to lose weight. Lipo MIC speeds up your metabolism and helps you lose weight by eliminating fat stores in certain body parts. 

Lipo MIC helps people lose weight, cleans the liver, and breaks down fats there. It also keeps fat from building up in one body area and encourages lean muscle mass. Lipo MIC also boosts energy, mood, and mental clarity, which is good for the body and the mind.

Consult us today or contact us at (206) 414-9979 if you wish to know more about these treatments. You can also email us at [email protected] to guide you on the best service. We can’t wait to meet you here and help you achieve your goals!


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