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Are you struggling with tattoo regret? At Allen Medical Aesthetics, we provide you with options to fully remove your unwanted tattoos or intentionally fade them enough for cover up if that is what is desired. 

How it works:

Tattoos contain pigments that are permanently embedded into the skin, these pigments are able to stay where the ink is placed because the particles within the ink are too large for your body’s immune cells to remove. By using laser technology, we administer very short pulses of intense light to the tattoo, breaking down the pigment into smaller ink particles. The small ink particles are then able to be swept away through the body’s immune cells, and the tattoo begins to fade. Multiple laser sessions are required to break up the particles into a small enough size to visually fade a tattoo. 

How long it takes:

Most tattoos need 6-12 treatments for full removal. There are different factors regarding how many laser sessions you will need to fade, or remove a tattoo. This includes size, location, color, depth, if it’s a cover up or if there has been touch ups, age of the tattoo, and even your body’s immune response. Generally we space the sessions 6-8 weeks apart to allow time for the skin to completely heal and for the broken down particles to be removed by the body.

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The days of feeling trapped by your past decisions are over. By undergoing laser tattoo removal at Allen Medical Aesthetics, you regain control over your appearance and confidence. We are dedicated to helping you achieve the fresh start that you deserve.


Different degrees of discomfort exists. For comfort, ask your tattoo removal specialist for cold or numbing cream.

Average removal treatments last 20 minutes, although at least 5 to 10 sessions are spread over several months. We typically need eight to ten weeks between each therapy.

You may notice some swelling, skin icing, blistering, itching, or a chemical reaction affecting the pigments. When treated carefully and with protection from the environment, these adverse effects do go away.

Use Neosporin or another over-the-counter antibiotic ointment on any blisters, crusts, or scabs; avoid picking at these things, and use sunscreen to protect the region where your tattoo was removed. Avoid applying cosmetics or lotions that aggravate skin that is healing.



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