Kybella® (Fat Reduction)

Kybella® (Fat Reduction)

Put your best chin forward with Kybella®

Kybella® ( deoxycholic acid) injection is an FDA-approved nonsurgical injectable treatment that targets and destroys fat cells underneath the chin (submental fat). The result is a reduction in the appearance of fullness under the chin, which can improve your overall facial profile and contour. Kybella® has been shown to be safe and effective when used as directed by your doctor in clinical trials, with minimal side effects. It’s important to note that Kybella® works best when paired with other treatments—such as exercise, diet and lifestyle changes—to achieve maximum results.


Treatment with KYBELLA® consists of injections into your submental area (chin) with a fine needle. The active ingredient in KYBELLA®, deoxycholic acid, selectively destroys fat cells in that specific area. The entire treatment takes about 15 minutes and you can resume your normal activities immediately following treatment. Although, there’s no downtime afterwards, some patients however may feel soreness in their neck for a few days after treatment. Treatments usually take place once every 12 weeks for optimal results, but you can stop treatment whenever you like. The effects of each treatment typically last 18 months or more before beginning to fade away. Multiple treatments may be necessary to achieve desired results.
Kybella® is a revolutionary, non-surgical injectable treatment for double chin fat. Those who can benefit from Kybella® are men and women who have a moderate to severe amount of submental fullness (the area under your chin) and would like to improve their contour without surgery.
Some patients may experience side effects, but these are temporary and are often mild. The most common include swelling, bruising and tenderness at injection sites. Most of these symptoms resolve on their own within a few days after treatment. Serious side effects are rare. People with allergies to any of its ingredients should not use Kybella® without medical supervision.
Although you may see some improvement in your jawline after a few weeks, it will take several months for full results to be visible. If you’re looking for an immediate cosmetic effect, laser treatments offer far quicker but not as long-lasting results. In order to maintain your new jawline with Kybella, schedule regular maintenance sessions every 4-6 months.
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