Biostimulation with Radiesse/Sculptra


Biostimulation with Radiesse/Sculptra

Radiesse and Scupltra are two bio-stimulating dermal fillers that are proven to promote the stimulation of collagen and elastin growth. Bio-stimulators provide anti-aging solutions to help diminish fine lines and wrinkles, lift sagging skin, and improve facial volume loss. Due to these fillers being biostimulators, they both provide immediate and long term improvement. Unlike other fillers, Radiesse and Sculptra are two of the longest-lasting fillers on the market.



Radiesse is an injectable dermal filler that uses calcium hydroxylapatite particles suspended in a gel matrix. Once the gel carrier breaks down, the calcium particles then integrate into the skin, and a network of collagen fibers and elastin is formed. This biostimulator is perfect for treating cellulite, plumping the skin on the hands, adding volume to the buttocks, smoothing moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds, and restoring or maintaining facial curves. 



Sculptra is an injectable dermal filler that uses poly-L-lactic acid. This creates an inflammatory response within the area that the filler was placed. This causes reactivation of the skin’s fibroblasts which triggers an abundance of collagen growth, creating long-lasting results. Sculptra is known to restore the skin’s underlying structure. This biostimulator is perfect for plumping shallow areas on the face, correcting facial lines and wrinkles, treating cellulite, and filling out the temples.

Advantages to Bio-Stimulation


Results from using Radiesse can be expected very immediately. Sculptra, on the other hand, produces results gradually over six to twelve weeks.

No. You can resume your normal activities as soon as the treatment is over. There can be a little redness or swelling where the injections were made, but this goes away in a day.

You could benefit from biostimulation procedures if your skin needs to gain volume and lift. To discuss your options, speak with your doctor at Allen Medical Aesthetics.

The addition of limited nutrients to promote microbial growth is known as biostimulation. Biostimulants are classified according to how they promote growth.



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